Do you know everything about Mulloway?

Posted on January 08 2018

Do you know everything about Mulloway?

Mulloway is a popular fish in Australia where it is also referred to as Jewfish. Mulloway have long and slender bodies, with the upper body a greyish-green and the lower body silvery-grey. They have short sharp teeth, spots along the lateral line and a black spot at the base of the pectoral fin all which serve as a distinctive feature. They can reach about 180cm - 200cm and can weigh as much as 70kg. Mulloway Fish have firm white moist flesh which remain moisturized when grilled or fried.

Mulloway Fish is a very significant species in the recreational fishery in NSW (New South Wales), and catches by this sector are much larger than commercial landings. In 2013, a recovery program was made whose aim was to increase spawning stock of Mulloway by reducing fishing mortality on both adult and juvenile parts of the stock. While evidence indicates some fishers have changed fishing practices when mesh netting, a study showed that the changes in fishing practices have not been effective at minimising Mulloway catch.

Mulloway feeds mainly on smaller fish, squid, crabs and prawns. Though they hunt most when it is dark, they also feed during daylight especially under low light conditions. To catch a Mulloway, you need to pay attention on their feeding pattern. Mulloway rigs are the most common method of catching these awesome fish. A rig consist of a sinker, leader and twin snelled hooks. An ideal leader length is one that sees the joining knot sit just above your reel when casting. A double snelled rig is most suitable for presenting both live or large baits in the surf and estuary.

Mulloway fish hunt through combination of scent and vibration, using their lateral line to sense the movements of nearby prey and using their keen sense of smell to locate potential food. Due to this hunting style, a noisy lure will come in handy. The Mad Mullet Lures will do the job effectively. Mullet lures are shimmering minnows with quality hooks and rings. Action is tight with good body roll for maximum flash and performance. Mulloway fish respond well to lures in estuaries during daylight hours.

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