Jewfish - What is a Jewfish?

Posted on January 08 2018

Jewfish - What is a Jewfish?

Jewfish (Epinephelus itajara), is a saltwater fish commonly found in tropical waters. It is of the grouper family but unlike many grouper, the pectoral and caudal fins are rounded and first dorsal fin is shorter than and not separated from second dorsal. An adult jewfish can weigh as much as 700 pounds and well beyond because of their large size. Jewfish depending on the region they are found have sizes in varying degrees but maintain an average common length of 60 cm to an average maximum length of 105cm.

There are several theories on how the fish got its name all of which nevertheless have unclear origins. Some believe it was originally named jawfish because of its large mouth. Jewfish have few big bones with mild moisture flesh, which are pretty easy to remove. Its shape and size allow for many uniform cutlets of serving-portion size. The large, firm flakes make it ideally suited to grilling as steaks or fillets and are delicious when coated and fried. Larger specimens, which can be a little drier, are perfectly suited to casseroles and soups.

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